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1 - Make a film.

Bargain Basement celebrates the quality filmmaking being done on a shoestring budget.

Anyone can make a film these days. With current technology, equipment is higher quality, cheaper, and more accessible than ever before. Digital video has opened the gap between home video and the big screen. It's time to stop dreaming and to get the camera rolling.

We recommend borrowing whatever equipment you can find. Schools and universities are great resources for quality video equipment that can be had on loan. These are also great places to find cheap and easy editing facilities. If you have a bit more cash, consider the growing range of inexpensive digital camcorders. Or dig up an old Super8 or 16mm movie camera and put your ideas on celluloid. No matter how you do it, even if you've just got a crap camcorder and a VCR, you can create film art.

1 - Make a film. 2 - Submit your film. 3 - Promote it. 4 - See it on screen! ! - Home

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