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Low cash, little sleep

Founded in Spring 2000, Bargain Basement is an effort to promote low budget filmmaking from a variety of skill levels. Talent can be found hiding all over the place, and Bargain Basement aims to expose it.

Aaron Davis and Peter Gerard organise, promoted, and ran the 2000 festival which took place on August 18 & 19 last year at Ragtag Cinema in Columbia, Mo. Their efforts paid off with a successful festival featuring 27 different films and videos from all over the world. Prizes were awarded and everyone went home happy (most with a bowl of ice cream). View last year's site for more info.

In 2001, we aim to take Bargain Basement to a new level, with more extensive promotion to give young, independent filmmakers a better chance to be noticed. If you'd like to help out in any way, let us know.

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