bargain basement film festival - august 2000
Schedule - August 18-19 at Ragtag Cinemacafe in Columbia, MO
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Friday 6pm Friday 8pm Friday 10pm Friday 12am
Funeral Clown Pushed/Pulled A Trailer Park Love Story Planet Calculon
Eve of Destruction Double Trouble The Passage Magic City
Revolutionary Supa Pimps The Minneapolis Wrestling Club Out of Breath
I Love Mickey The Last Supper Enlightenment
A Day and a Lifetime Les Malheurs de Laurie Ennui
Reduced Fat Karate Bastards 2 Smack Tripwire

Saturday 3pm Saturday 4pm Saturday 6pm Saturday 8pm 9:30pm
Panel Discussions Les Malheurs de Laurie I Love Mickey Carhenge Awards Ceremony
Interference Ennui Butt Uglee
Pushed/Pulled The Minneapolis Wrestling Club Significant Others
The Last Supper A Day and a Lifetime Interference
Smack A Trailer Park Love Story Numbed
Funeral ClownCojones
The Passage